Elk Velvet Antler (EVA)
Information for Pets

Thorough veterinary research at a Canadian University has proven that EVA effectively alleviates osteoarthritis in dogs and improves an animal’s gait and performance in daily activities and overall vitality. Other research confirms this, and lists a number of additional benefits for animals, including, but not limited to:

relief from clinical arthritis and joint stiffness
relief from chronic pain
 improved energy levels
improved hair coat
improved kidney function
increased healing time from muscular sprains/pains
accelerated healing after surgery
treating symptoms associated with old age
helps to slow down the progression of hip dysplasia & degenerative
myelopathy has aided in

Studies also indicate that EVA helps to slow the progression and reduce the effects of hip dysplasia among susceptible breeds. There is further indication that it helps promote muscle and bone growth in puppies and speeds the muscle recovery process for athletic animals. Benefits of EVA are noticeable among horses and cats as well, and include enhanced muscoloskeletal strength, hoof and hair growth, and faster healing.

A recent study concluded that the administration of quality EVA to dogs was effective in alleviating osteoarthritis and improving their daily activity levels. Elk Velvet Antler should be included daily in osteoarthritis therapy to help reduce inflammation and pain.

Because it’s made directly from elk velvet antler, EVA is completely, 100% natural. Unlike some artificial products or drugs used to treat animals, EVA is in natural supply and won’t cause harmful side effects. You owe it to your pet to give this product a try; they’ll thank you for it!

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How to use Elk Velvet Powder for your Dog

The recommended daily dosage of EVA is based on a formula of 20 mg’s of EVA per kilogram of pet's bodyweight, once or twice daily.  Depending on the ailments affecting the pet (i.e. arthritis, injury, or aging), I usually recommend people start their pets off at a slightly increased dosage for the first 4-6 weeks (which I refer to as "the loading phase").  My rationale for this is quite simple:  In addition to the the wide safety margins associated with EVA,  the results seen while following  this dosage tend to be achieved in a much shorter period of time, often within the first 2-3 weeks. 

EVA powder is best mixed into something wet , like a spoonful of plain, fat-free yogurt, or mixed in with something your pet will be sure to eat , like meat or fish, fresh/raw or canned. You want to ensure your pet gets it all, so I advise against just sprinkling it on dry kibble. Like most health supplements, the effects of EVA tend to be cumulative. Typically, significant benefits can be seen after 4 to 8 weeks of consistent use, but often, visible signs of improvement are seen much earlier (even within a few days in some cases), depending on the ailments affecting the pet, as well as their age and overall physical condition.

How to use Elk Velvet Powder for your Cat

The recommended daily dosage of EVA for cats is approx. 250mg’s/day for a cat under 10 lbs., and 260-300 mg’s of EVA for larger (heavier) cats. Pet owners should consult a veterinarian before giving EVA to their animal.