What people have to say about the benefits of EVA for their pets, and for themselves…first hand!


“Being the owner of a Veterinary practice gives me a lot of options when it comes to which products to carry and recommend for pets.  I feel confident in recommending Elk Velvet Antler, knowing it helps build/maintain strong cartilage and ensure joint lubrication; especially to those with pets suffering with joint or immune system issues.”

Marinus VandenBrink, DVM, Bayview Mall Veterinary Clinic, Toronto, ON



Nitro was diagnosed with Grade III Hip Dysplasia (via an x-ray) in his right hip when he was 16 months old.  Although he was not showing any visible signs, we wanted to keep it that way, and ensure he was never in any pain.  We started Nitro on Elk Velvet powder, as we wanted him on something safe, natural and that he could take long-term.

Nitro turned 8 years old in July 2011, and has been getting EVA powder daily, for over 6 years.  We are happy to report that there are still no visible signs of HD (which was downgraded to a Grade II, via another x-ray) or of any pain/discomfort.  Nitro remains an active, healthy, happy dog, who will never stop getting EVA.”  Matt Mahon, Scarborough, ON


“We adopted Tika from, in retrospect, what was probably a  “puppy mill” when she was 11 weeks old.  By the age of two, she had terrible allergies, and would often chew at her legs and paws until they were almost bald!  In addition, her energy level seemed to drop overnight!  Tika was only 2 years old, but she’d lie around like a 20 year old dog!  A friend of ours had recently started their 10 yr. old Miniature Poodle EVA powder, in an attempt to help with some arthritis in his back legs.  She saw an improvement in only a couple of weeks, and recommended that we try Tika on EVA too, so we did. Within a few days, Tika wasn’t chewing at herself nearly as much, and within 2-3 weeks, she was back to her normal, playful self!  Tika is almost 5 now, and she no-longer exhibits signs of anything, other than being a sweet, healthy girl, with a beautiful coat and lots of energy!
M. Craig, Bobcaygeon, ON


Stryker, our beautiful Brittany Spaniel, was approximately 6 years old when I noticed him beginning to “bunny hop” up the stairs.  As well, his back-end seemed “wobbly” when he’d jump off things as simple as a couch or bed.  Worst of all, he was not running like he used to on his walks anymore!  At first, I was a little skeptical  (given that I’d never actually heard of “Elk Velvet Antler” before) but decided to try Stryker on the EVA powder for a month and go from there. By the end of the month our sweet boy was running around on his walks, jumping up and down off of anything with no problem and motoring up the stairs like he used to!  I can honestly say that I would do anything to ensure that Stryker lives a long, healthy life, and EVA has certainly returned Stryker to the “puppy” we were used to.  Stryker is now 8 ½ years old and continues to get his daily dose of EVA powder mixed in with a scoop of plain yogurt (which he literally “waits for”).  He is a very happy and healthy boy, and I cannot thank Leanne enough for introducing me to this miracle tonic!”. Tammy Mackenzie, Toronto, ON


Tyra, has been taking the EVA powder supplement every day for approximately one year. We've noticed that she is less injury-prone and has a great deal more energy when we're out on walks. At home, she is more active/alert and doesn't sleep as much as she did before starting on the EVA. In addition, she is less stiff getting up from a lying down position. We would, and do, definitely recommend EVA!  It has made such a difference!”.
Jane Kay/Jack Brown, Owners of Tyra, Scarborough, ON



We have 2 German shepherds, each 1-1/2 yrs. old.  They’re sisters, and their names are Abby and Cassie.  When Cassie was 8 months old, we noticed that she had difficulty jumping into our van and often needed a boost.  Then we started to notice that she’d groan a little sometimes when she stood up after a sleep, and now and again when she’d lay down.  Sure enough our worst fears were confirmed by an x-ray. Hip Dysplasia!!  Various methods of treatment were discussed with their Vet, but we chose to give the natural product Elk Velvet Antler powder a chance.  Best decision ever!  Cassie runs and jumps, and she does not need a boost to climb on anything! And, best of all, no more little moans or groans! We also opted to start Abby on it as well, as a “preventative”.  EVA is a great product and I highly recommend it.   Josie Crossland. Toronto, On


Testimonial’s from some of my “human” EVA powder Customers!

“I have been taking Elk Velvet Antler powder for 1 year now and have noticed an appreciable difference. I suffer from rotator cuff problems on both of my shoulders.  Since I have been taking EVA, I no longer have days of being debilitated, unable to perform the simplest of tasks.  The other benefits I’ve experienced since taking EVA are that I have more energy, my sleep patterns are more regular and my hair grows thicker and faster.”  Marilyn Hubers, Scarborough, ON

“Since beginning to take Elk Velvet Antler powder, I have noticed that I no longer get any pain from my hips and knees. I am a bi-lateral amputee (below the knee) and thus walking on two prosthetics all day, does after a while, get tiring. It has also changed my gait, somewhat, thus the new way of walking has changed the wear patterns in my hips and knees.  Also, since taking EVA, I feel more “energized”, I sleep better and, being diabetic, I have noticed that my glucose readings stay in an acceptable range (much better than they did when I was not taking EVA).” 
Ken Bowers, North York, ON

“I started taking EVA powder 15 months ago, as I had read that it could help reduce the symptoms associated with being Peri-Menopausal.  I also hoped that it would help alleviate the pain (and swelling) in my right knee, sustained from a direct impact accident months earlier.  Within the first 4-6 weeks of taking the recommended daily dosage (580mg’s) of EVA powder, I noticed the following improvements:  the swelling, and pain in my knee had completely disappeared, I was no-longer experiencing nearly as many “hot flashes” during the day, and my nights were basically “hot flash free”!  In addition to these, I have since found that I have much more energy and I feel better over-all (both mentally, and physically) since adding EVA to my daily supplements.  I think everyone should try EVA and see what it can do for them!”. C. D’Souza, Scarborough, ON

Funny as this sounds, I started taking EVA powder in July 2010, mainly because I saw how much it continues to help our German Shepherd with his arthritis and general aging.  Given it is a “human grade product”, I decided to give it a try to see if it would help with my back aches, associated with deteriorating spinal discs, body aches (age), amongst a few other ailments that research on EVA has indicated it’s helped with.  Within 3 weeks my back/body aches had virtually disappeared! Over the next month or so, I started noticing that I was no-longer getting headaches (which I used to get quite frequently, especially when it was going to rain), and, best of all, I found that I no-longer felt the need to use my inhaler!  My mind seemed “clearer”, allowing me to focus better, and I began sleeping more soundly.  I continue to take my EVA powder (daily), and have no plans to ever stop, as I have never felt better! Leanne Logan, Scarborough, ON

6 months ago I started using EVA – Elk Velvet Antler powder from you after reading your leaflet.
At that time, my middle finger had been bothering me. The middle joint was very weak. It may be due to arthritis.  When I use my finger to flick the indicator switch on my car, it hurt. Within a week of taking the powder, I didn’t feel as much pain as before. So I carried on taking the powder to prevent any more weakening of the joints or let the arthritis set in. You see I am almost 70 years old and arthritis would be affecting my joints slowly.

I am very happy to be taking the EVA – Elk Velvet Antler powder. I have recommended it to my friend. She is now taking it too.  She finds that it helps loosening her joints in her hands too.

There may be also a side benefit. My partner and I found that I have more energy in bed lately.

I have no hesitation to recommend this EVA powder to anyone.

Thanks again,

B. Chung

January 7, 2012